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Antonella Bancalari

Welcome to my website!

I'm a Senior Research Economist at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and a Research Associate at University College London (UCL), Department of Economics, and at the IZA Institute of Labor Economics.

I'm an applied microeconomist and my research sits at the intersection of Development, Health and Public Economics. I use applied econometrics and field experiments to understand the principles underlying effective public good/service delivery in low- and middle-income countries. I also explore ways to induce people to adopt welfare-improving technologies and behaviours.

Previously, I was an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of St. Andrews (2021-2022). In Fall 2022, I was a UK-US Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Economic Growth Centre, Department of Economics, Yale University. I hold a PhD (2021) and MPA (2016) from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and a BSc in Economics (2012) from Universidad del Pacifico.


Antonella Bancalari

The Unintended Consequences of Infrastructure Development
Review of Economics and Statistics (2024)

Religious Proximity and Misinformation:
Experimental Evidence from a Mobile Phone-Based Campaign in India
(with A. Armand, B. Augsburg and K. Kumar)
Journal of Health Economics (2024)

When Nature Calls Back: Sustaining Behavioural Change in Rural Pakistan 

(with B. Augsburg, Z. Durrani, M. Vaidyanathan and Z. White)

Journal of Development Economics (2022)

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Hesitancy in LMICs, and Implications for Messaging

(with D. Karlan, M. Callen, M. Teachout, M. Humphreys, SB Omer, A M Mobarak et al.)

Nature Medicine (2021)

Public Service Delivery, Exclusion and Externalities: Theory and Experimental Evidence from India

(with A. Armand, B. Augsburg and M. Ghatak)


An Ounce of Prevention for a Pound of Cure: Basic Health Care and Efficiency in Health Systems 

(with P. Bernal, P. Celhay, S. Martinez and D. Sanchez)


Health inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: child, adolescent, reproductive, metabolic syndrome and mental health (with S. Berlinski, G. Buitrago, D. De la Mata, M. Garcia, M. Vera-Hernandez)

Health systems and health inequalities in Latin America (with S. Berlinski, G. Buitrago, D. De la Mata, M. Garcia, M. Vera-Hernandez)

Enhancing Maternal and Infant Healthcare in Remote Villages: Experimental Evidence on the Efficacy of Demand- and Supply-Side Subsidies (with P. Bernal, M. Garcia, P. Ibararran, E. Monin, and P. Zuniga)

Work in Progress

Resource windfalls, public expenditure and local economies: Evidence from municipalities in Peru

The political economy of public works: Evidence from a reform in term limits

Financing health providers: 
The case of universal health insurance in Peru

(with Juan Pablo Rud)

(with Claudio Ferraz and Gabriel Granato)

(with Gabriela Smarrelli and Marcos Vera-Hernandez )

Recent awards
American Economic Review: Insights - Excellence in Refereeing Award, 2023

Upcoming talks

Stanford's Rosenkranz Global Health Policy Research Symposium

PSE Seminar in Development Economics

TSE BID Seminar

World Bank/IFS/ODI Tax Conference: The Political Economy of Public Finance

CEPR 8th Zurich Conference on Public Finance in Developing Countries 

Senior Research Economist
Institute for Fiscal Studies

Research Affiliate
IZA - Institute of Labor Economics

Media and Blogs

The Economist
"Latin America’s local governments too often fail their people"

The Economist article

Yale spotlight
The dire consequences of infrastructure projects

Incentivising quality of public infrastructure excludes users and worsens public health

Can ‘white elephants’ kill? Evidence from infrastructure development in Peru


Incentivising quality of public infrastructure excludes users and worsens public health

Has COVID-19 ‘infected’ infrastructure development in Peru?

IGC and I4I
COVID-19 and the willingness to vaccinate: Evidence from India

Reuters Foundation
The global sanitation challenge: Is there a silver bullet?

World Bank Development Impact Blog
Can White Elephants Kill? Evidence from Infrastructure Development in Peru

El Comercio
El coronavirus “infecta” la ejecución de obras públicas

Semana Ecómica
¿Pueden matar los elefantes blancos?

Sustaining behavioural change: Evidence from rural Pakistan

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


University of St Andrews

Development Economics

Health Economics 


MSc in Economics Dissertation supervision 

University of Edinburgh

MSc in Economics Dissertation supervision 

London School of Economics and Political Science

Social Economics and Policy - LSE Teaching Excellence Award 2019

Antonella Bancalari

Institute for Fiscal Studies
7 Ridgmount St, London WC1E 7AE

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